When I Was Young, I Was Very Angry. When I Was Angry, I Was Very Young

6 Apr

a blast from the past..

Lift Your Voice.

3 Sep


This is long overdue, I’ll start right there. Above you will see a picture of my friend, Dan Marquis. What you don’t know is that this picture likely the best way I can describe Dan’s personality to you. He is, at once, one of the most interesting and most entertaining individuals I have encountered. That individuality translates perfectly to his debut record, Lift Your Voice, Sing Along

Songwriting is an interesting beast and when you’ve been doing it long enough, you tend to notice when writers are “faking it”. When you listen to Top 40-style music you encounter a barrage of very generic sentiments, the kind of “girl I love you” bullshit that has been tested and designed to make you respond in equal parts; happiness, sadness and wanting. All of which makes you a better target for corporate advertising. It is precisely these contrived sentiments that are absent in Lift Your Voice. This is as close to honest songwriting as I have ever encountered. Seriously. I believe that if you were to open up the brain of Dan Marquis, you would just as easily assemble these songs as you would press play on your iPod. Granted, I am not exactly the un-biased opinion that you will need to determine the true merit of this collection but, I can tell you that this is closest I’ve heard any record come to true honesty in a long time. It may also be the first time I’ve ever heard a songwriter use a sweat drenched garment as a metaphor for honesty…but, you’ll need to pay the price of admission to know any more about that.

Lift Your Voice, Sing Along is available on Pattern Hungry Records, you can listen to it for free here. I would also encourage you to consider buying it. I know there are a ton of people, bands, etc…vying for your time and monies but, it is my humble opinion that you should support honesty. The man in the picture above is never going to try and sell you a Subaru, he just wants to write a song you’ll enjoy. If you approach this album with that in mind, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

A quick aside before I go, Water Vapor is honest-to-god one of my favorite songs ever. It is achingly beautiful and engaging at the exact same time. It is one of those songs that make me jealous because I didn’t think of it first. Good work Dan.




22 May

This Saturday I’ll be traveling to my beautiful hometown, Portland Or-re-gon to play a show with my absolute favorite punk rock band, Secnd Best. I’m excited about this and you should be too…

Sunday Matinee…

11 Apr

Heads up everyone, I’ll be playing a matinee show at The Skylark Cafe on Sunday April 29th at 3 in the afternoon. The show will be all ages but, never fear my alcoholic friends, there WILL be a full bar if you bring your trusty ID. Looks like the cover is $5, I promise I’ll make it worth your while….I may even end up recording this show for a future release. Get your witty remarks ready for in-between song heckling, I’ll keep ’em in the recording if they’re funny..only if they’re actually funny. 



Sunday Afternoon With My Best Pal…

25 Mar

Thought you may want to watch my cat, Elliott, drink beers with me…

You know, because, funny pet videos rule.

If you’re looking to buy beer for my cat, he prefers microbrews (the hoppier the better)

Natural Disaster

12 Mar

Today, I thought I would share another video from my performance at B Side Records back in January. Of the songs I’ve written, this is one of my favorites. Natural Disaster is a song about perseverance. It’s about being alright with who you are right now. We all hide from our past, because of this we forget that the past is what brings us to this moment. I hope you have a moment to take a listen to this song and I hope you enjoy its message.


He Is Very Happy…

5 Mar

Yesterday, I got some work done at Albatross Tattoo in Portland and I’m beyond thrilled with the results. Trevor Ward does amazing work and you should definitely check him out if you’re looking for some ink…

I think its an amazing honor to be able to mark milestones in your life with great art. This one is of Ferdinand the Bull and I feel it’s finally complete. Trevor and I started it two years ago on my 29th birthday, It’s a constant reminder for me to seek peace in my life every day and to appreciate the blessings that I’ve been given. I have a children’s book here at home that tells the story of Ferdinand and  the last line of it reads “he is very happy”. Today, that’s how I feel…my hope is to remind myself of this every day I see this piece in the mirror.

There’s no reason to fight with the other bulls when you can stop and appreciate the simple things in life…like the scent of a rose.